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CV : from consulting room to consulting office CV : from consulting room to consulting office
What does « Ydeo » mean ?

1.  The “Ydentity” of the acronym “YDeO” :

  • « YD » stands simply for Yann Dupuich initials ! Please see the attached C.V for more details (“from consulting room to consulting office”) …
  • The “O” represents the famous Deming wheel (or “PDCA” for Plan – Do – Check – Act) as symbol of the continuous improvement, climbing uphill by turning.
  • The “e” (pronounced like “and” in French when written “é”) is just the link in between, for both esthetical and pronounciation matter !


2 . “Ydeology” :

“Ydeo” is the French pronounciation for the plural of the word “ideal”. This means that the central topic beneath is the aim, the target of the organization, attracting the whole to the top. The stake here is to highlight the inner engine that gives the power to go forward against the slope. It’s also crucial to clearly understand what the vision of the organization is (its mission, its values, its ambition) for it is what helps chose right strategical decisions by keeping the same goal. Good decisions gather reason, desire and intuition. Ydeo’s vocation is to help find the “meaning behind the move”, with a global view.


3 – Ydeo, in the end, sounds like the beginning of the word “ideogram” (Chinese symbol) ; and the ideogram for the strength, needed to push the wheel of continuous improvement, looks like “YD” (or at least, it’s my idea!)…

Idéogramme Ydéo



Why chose for Ydeo logo the symbol of the Greek myth Sisyphus pushing his rock ?

The meaning here is to represent the support brought by Ydeo to your continuous improvement system. It’s the perpetual momentum evoked, not the fatality notion described in the famous myth. The logic behind is the progress.


Why should you chose Ydeo instead of another consulting firm ?
  • Ydeo developed its own way of investigating the root causes of the issues, thanks to the experience of veterinarian clinical studies, with a specific skill of diagnosis. The translation to the industry world was natural as complex systems share all the same fundamental organization principles. Once the diagnosis is reached, the treatment is no more medicines (like in consulting room) but action plans (in consulting firm !).
  • Ydeo’s credo is to prevent instead of curing : risk anticipation helps save money, time and energy …
  • Ydeo also handles issues in a global way, in a systemic approach. An entity can be constituted by many brilliant brains, as long as a good organization system is not implemented, the whole body can act stupidly !
  • What Ydeo won’t offer to you :
    1. Simple and standard solutions to meet your specific issues. The solution must be adapted to your unique context.
    2. Morality lessons : Ydeo won’t stand as a judge and knows that mistakes are human (“errare humanum est”). Nevertheless, the objective is to learn from the mistakes and to avoid recidivism. Champions are not perfect, but when they’re down, they always rise again and find themselves more mature… (Nietzsche used to say : “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”).